Ethereum 2.0 and The Back and Forth Decision on Progressive Proof of Work - What’s The Matter?
Progressive Proof of Work (ProgPoW) looks set to be the future of the Ethereum blockchain. Aimed at reducing the effectiveness of ASICs and promoting the use of GPUs, ProgPoW has been an issue of contention for some time.
by Jack Thomas
14 August, 2019
Top Stories – AI
What’s Up With... Those Self-Driving Cars? Any Time Soon?
With AI improving to make self-driving cars both safer and more effective, major companies like Google and Uber are getting their cars onto the road in what could be the technology’s watershed moment.
by Shivdeep Dhaliwal
26 July, 2019
Top Stories – 2ND MACHINE AGE
LiFi and IoT: Could the Future of the Internet be in Streetlights?
The push for universal connectivity around the world has led to various ambitious projects, including satellite deployment to facilitate global WiFi coverage. Now, LiFi technology promises to harness the power of lightwaves for faster data transfer and lower power consumption.
by Charlie Sammonds
24 July, 2019
How Enterprises Like Facebook and Google Should Use The Data
Asking users to share intimate data can be a hard sell for private corporations. However, current data-driven projects bridging the gap between tech and public health could be a way of winning back user trust.
by Charlie Sammonds
22 July, 2019
Useful Applications and 5G Will Help Take VR Out Of Basements, Labs and Exhibition Experiences
VR has been around in some form or another for decades, but its most recent moment in the sun came about five or six years ago. The technology reared its head again and we all got excited that it might be time the full potential of VR was realised.
by Charlie Sammonds
08 July, 2019
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