Top Stories – BLOCKCHAIN
Blockchain’s Energy Efficiency Saga Could Soon Be Over Says Bernardo David
Bitcoin is an energy hog. The amount of energy the virtual currency is consuming is huge and is rising as it grows. To put this in perspective, Bitcoin mining today consumes as much electricity as the entire nation of the Czech Republic. Similarly, the power required to operate Bitcoin could cover the energy requirements of nearly 6.3 million US households.
by Shivdeep Dhaliwal
06 July, 2018
Top Stories – VR
Humanising VR: Why People Are The Most Interesting Content for Virtual Reality
Thanks to an almost inconceivable rate of progress in the virtual and augmented reality industries, technology once consigned to the fictional realm of Star Wars is now a fundamental of today’s reality. BDJ spoke with Steve Raymond, CEO of California-based 8i, about the VR and AR fields, and where they are headed. We discussed the industry’s potential, and the ways in which we could achieve a “true” virtual reality.
by Margarita Khartanovich
27 May, 2018
Draper University: Can Innovation and Entrepreneurship Be Taught?
We talked with the CEO of Draper University Andy Tang. He has also been the Managing Director of Draper Dragon Fund III for more than a decade. We wanted to talk innovation and entrepreneurship with the CEO but we also wanted to know what makes Draper tick and also try to understand the effectiveness of their programme.
by Margarita Khartanovich
04 April, 2018
Top Stories – BLOCKCHAIN
How Much Can Lightning Help Upgrade a Battling Blockchain?
The Bitcoin Network has strayed off the path of being a functioning digital currency with its overcrowded network. This has led to high fees and slow transactions. However, there is a potential upgrade that has been implemented on other chains that could make the Bitcoin Network more viable.
by Jack Thomas
30 March, 2018
Top Stories – BLOCKCHAIN
Blockchain at Berkeley: From a Community Initiative to Research Projects and University Courses
We spoke to Andrew Tu from Blockchain at Berkeley, a blockchain enthusiast organisation based in the University of California, Berkeley that has grown from a 10 person discussion circle four years ago into a fully fledged blockchain community of over 100 members.
by Charlie McCombie
27 March, 2018
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