Top Stories – AI
Artificial Intelligence Isn’t Ready to Take Over From Doctors and Nurses, Just Yet
Artificial intelligence certainly has the potential to do a lot of good in the world of healthcare, with its ability to assist doctors and bring data practices up to speed. There is, quite rightly, caution around the level of trust we can put in the technology at this stage of its development, though, and anything promising to replace doctors should be greeted with extreme scepticism.
by Phee Waterfield
24 May, 2019
Top Stories – BIG DATA
Machine Learning Vs. Analysts: Will AI Eventually Replace Data Scientists?
Data scientists are, unsurprisingly, one of the most sought after professions in a world in which data analytics is a key business driver. But they might have to watch their backs - machine learning is now fulfilling many roles for which data scientists are so important. Will AI eventually replace the role of the data scientist, or is there a more symbiotic middle ground to be found?
by John Murray
24 May, 2019
Why The Danger of Deepfakes Is No Danger At All
Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) have generated a great deal of attention, not only from the machine learning R&D community, but also from the mainstream media. The technology is imperfect and there are concerns over its potential use cases, yet it represents a breakthrough in the ability for machines to teach themselves.
by John Murray
22 May, 2019
Top Stories – AI
Sarcastic Robots? How Deep Convolutional Neural Networks Are Making AI Worryingly Human
Technology is getting progressively better at understanding speech and even convincingly mimicking it. That said, we are still some way away from a fully functional, indistinguishable live speech machine.
by Charlie Sammonds
20 May, 2019
Traffic Lights in The Sky: Flying Cars Can Appear Sooner Than You Think
Thanks to science fiction, flying cars have been in the public consciousness for  decades. Despite movies predicting that we would, by now, be transported around cities in them, flying cars have always remained something of a pipedream, hovering in the background as more urgent technological advancements are made. Could the development of drones serve as a blueprint for their eventual realisation?
by Kieran-Smith
15 May, 2019
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