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Joshua Lind: Best Results Will Come from Academia, Industry and Community Working Together
Binary District is holding a Bitcoin Channels Meetup at Primalbase Berlin on May 17, 2018 between 6pm and 9pm. The initiative cuts through the noise surrounding emerging blockchain technology and focuses on the key issues in hand. The guest speaker at the event is Joshua Lind, a PhD researcher at the Large-Scale Data and Systems Group at Imperial College London.
by Shivdeep Dhaliwal
06 May, 2018
Draper University: Can Innovation and Entrepreneurship Be Taught?
We talked with the CEO of Draper University Andy Tang. He has also been the Managing Director of Draper Dragon Fund III for more than a decade. We wanted to talk innovation and entrepreneurship with the CEO but we also wanted to know what makes Draper tick and also try to understand the effectiveness of their programme.
by Margarita Khartanovich
04 April, 2018
Top Stories – BLOCKCHAIN
How Much Can Lightning Help Upgrade a Battling Blockchain?
The Bitcoin Network has strayed off the path of being a functioning digital currency with its overcrowded network. This has led to high fees and slow transactions. However, there is a potential upgrade that has been implemented on other chains that could make the Bitcoin Network more viable.
by Jack Thomas
30 March, 2018
Top Stories – BLOCKCHAIN
Blockchain at Berkeley: From a Community Initiative to Research Projects and University Courses
We spoke to Andrew Tu from Blockchain at Berkeley, a blockchain enthusiast organisation based in the University of California, Berkeley that has grown from a 10 person discussion circle four years ago into a fully fledged blockchain community of over 100 members.
by Charlie McCombie
27 March, 2018
Top Stories – BLOCKCHAIN
IBM Blockchain Labs’ David Gorman Talks Hyperledger and The Future of Blockchain
IBM’s blockchain initiative is slightly different from the blockchains whose names are commonplace today, like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Unlike those blockchains, there is no currency involved, and while those distributed ledgers are mostly public networks, the Hyperledger Fabric is a permissioned one.
by Margarita Khartanovich
26 March, 2018
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