Top Stories – BIG DATA
Data Scientists: What is Holding Them Back?
The work of data scientists is much admired but often misunderstood. High profile data leaks and questionable outcomes of machine learning have affected public perception, but data and those working with it are only going to become more important going forward. BDJ spoke to Karen Hao, Massachusetts Institute of Technology engineer and contributor to Quartz, on the challenges facing data scientists like herself.
by John Murray
12 December, 2018
GDPR And Machine Learning: Hindrance or Enabler?
GDPR was a watershed moment in the corporate use of customer data, but on the surface it looks like machine learning programmes that rely on that data will suffer. WIll GDPR increase transparency and public faith in tech, or starve a burgeoning field of vital resources?
by John Murray
05 December, 2018
7 Top Cybersecurity Trends for 2019
The cybersecurity landscape changed beyond recognition in 2018. Data breaches and election scandals have made the average consumer more aware than ever of the potential threats. With the year coming to a close, we asked leading experts about the cybersecurity trends that they think will define 2019.
by John Murray
30 November, 2018
Top Stories – AI
5G: The Fuel That IoT Needs
The Internet of Things has the potential to reshape how we interact with technology and our environment. For it to realise that potential, huge improvements in mobile connectivity need to take place, and the advent of 5G technology could give IoT the push it needs.
by Shivdeep Dhaliwal
14 November, 2018
Top Stories – BLOCKCHAIN
The Great Scaling Debate: State Channels, Plasma, or Sharding
As blockchains like Ethereum continue to grow and diversify, so does the debate surrounding the scalability options that are essential for the platform’s growth and stability.
by Jack Thomas
13 November, 2018
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