Top Stories – AI
AI in Smart Cities: A Dystopian Future, Today
Facial recognition technology is already here, with major tech brands embedding it into their smartphones. The tech seemingly has a place in the smart cities of the future, but will the general public be willing to accept it in a climate of over-surveillance and data security concern?
by John Murray
15 March, 2019
Top Stories – BIOTECH
Insert That Where? The Future of Biohacking
Technology has become increasingly intrusive. Just a few decades ago, the idea of being near-constantly tethered to a device may have been unpalatable, particularly when that device sends your every activity to corporations and means you are contactable 24 hours a day. In 2018, though, we can hardly imagine living without one. Willingly integrating technology into your body, or biohacking, therefore seems like the next logical step.
by Charlie Sammonds
13 March, 2019
SLUSH 2018: Why Tech Giants Are Shifting from Products to Platforms
Tech companies ordinarily become successful by doing one thing incredibly well, dominating an area of the market and expanding from there. There comes a point, though, where diversification is necessary to keep a company fresh, and tech giants like Amazon are branching out into building software platforms to ensure a place in the future of business.
by Charlie Sammonds
06 March, 2019
Top Stories – BLOCKCHAIN
Blockchain Trends for 2019: DAG, zk-SNARKs, Serenity, Stable Coins and More
2018 has been another big year in the development of blockchain technology. As the year draws to a close, we took a look at some of the areas set to dominate the blockchain world in 2019. From Serenity to DAG-based protocols, there are a number of developments for those in the industry to keep an eye on across the next 12 months.
by Charlie Sammonds
27 December, 2018
Collaboration and Information-sharing are Key to Better Cybersecurity
Cybersecurity has a number of different adversaries. From well-resourced nation-state attackers to shady underground groups and stock photo hackers wearing hoodies, there’s plenty for security experts to contend with. One of the biggest issues is a lack of trust, though, with security practitioners reluctant to share their potentially useful information with their peers.
by Gordon Smith
24 December, 2018
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