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The Great Scaling Debate: State Channels, Plasma, or Sharding
As blockchains like Ethereum continue to grow and diversify, so does the debate surrounding the scalability options that are essential for the platform’s growth and stability. Several layer 1 and layer 2 options are on the table, but can there ever be a clear path to take?
by Jack Thomas
13 November, 2018
Top Stories – BLOCKCHAIN
Sharding: Is Enthusiasm Dying Down?
The severity of blockchain’s scaling issues cannot be oversold. Earlier this year, the Bitcoin blockchain posted 3-7 transactions per second, with Ethereum hitting 12-30. VisaNet handles an average of 150 million transactions per day and is capable of handling more than 24,000 transactions per second. There is still a long way to go.
by Charlie Sammonds
09 November, 2018
GovTech: The Long Road to Public Sector Rejuvenation
The rapid development of private sector technology is an area that often doesn’t readily translate into public sector tech procurement. Thanks to rigid governmental IT regulations and a lack of cooperation between official departments, GovTech is not as fast moving as the numerous innovations and product rollouts.
by John Murray
07 November, 2018
Top Stories – BLOCKCHAIN
Forking: A Viable Solution to Blockchain’s Scalability Woes?
Like a lot of potential solutions to blockchain’s scalability woes, forks split opinion. High-profile cases like Bitcoin Cash can offer useful case studies to examine their viability as long-term solutions, but are forks truly the way forward among a number of alternatives?
by Jack Thomas
05 November, 2018
The State of Machine Learning in Academia
The die is very much cast when it comes to the growth of machine learning. With the expansion of tech companies like Google, Amazon and Uber, the scope of artificial intelligence-based research and products is a growth industry that the world is still only seeing the beginnings of.
by John Murray
22 October, 2018
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